Selling your property in Nice

Why us

After so many years in the business in Nice, we have an extensive network of contacts in real estate. We have our own client lists, but also we partner with all the other estate agencies in Nice and diffuse all our products to them. Our staff can speak English, French, Italian, Russian, Danish, and more. We also value our “British style” work ethic. Viewings during lunch times or at weekends are not a problem for us.

We will visit your property and then give you an accurate estimation as to its value. We will not tell you what you want to hear, in an attempt to secure the contract, but its real value. We can then work with you to adjust this to suit your expected time-frame to sell. We are always accessible via email and telephone, and will follow through the sale from offer all the way until completion.

Our target market

We draw our buyers from international clientele. Of course we will diffuse locally, via web sites like “LeBonCoin” and MLS listing systems like “Apimo”, but we get lot of buyers through the international portals like “Med In Heaven” and “RightMove”.

We filter our clients before conducting any visits so we do not waste the buyer or seller’s time. We are happy to take the time to talk to our buyers, explain the pros and cons of each area, and paint an accurate picture of the price range for the type of apartment they are looking for. We will also put them in touch with a mortgage broker, if required, to ensure they can accurately work out their budget before starting to choose properties to view. It is very rare for an offer received to not go through to completion.

Our costs

We charge a standard 5% (inclusive of VAT) of the sale price (for property over €100,000, below a fixed fee of €5,000 applies). We share our properties with all other estate agencies in Nice and welcome a collaboration. The usual 50/50 split between listing agent and buyer agent always applies.